International Exhibition & Conference on
Corrugated Box, Machinery, Technology & Allied IndustriesBook A Stand
6-9 December, 2023
India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi- NCR, India

Exhibitor List 2022

Company Name Country Stall No Hall No Lane No
99 Business Media India L14 12 L
* Four Square Media Pvt Ltd India L14 12 L
Aadithya Rubber Moulds India J04 11 J
Aarnesh Air Products Pvt Ltd India D17 9 D
Abhi Industrial Corporation India H24 11 H
Abirami Engineering Company India D18 10 D
Absstem Technologies India K54 11 K
Aditya Media India MNIL 10  
* Events, Venues and Avenues India MNIL 10  
Adler Paper LLP India Q20 14 Q
Adroit Control Engineers Pvt Ltd India K14 12 K
AFT Fiber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India C23 9 C
AIE Fiber Resource and Trading (India) Private Limited India M30 14 M
Aira Automation Pvt Ltd India G30 11 G
Ajit Industries Pvt Ltd India C49 9 C
Akash Blowers Pvt. Ltd India L36 12 L
Alliance Cellulose India Pvt Ltd India O34 15 O
* Heinzel Sales Austria O34 15 O
* StarKraft Austria O34 15 O
Alliance International India D04 10 D
Alloy Thermal Spray Pvt Ltd India J52 12 J
Amar Elastomers Pvt. Ltd. India E40 10 E
Amaya Paper Products India K05 12 K
Ambani Paper LLP India P45 15 P
Ambica Paper Machineries India B36 9 B
Ambica Plastics India H02 11 H
Amit Engineers India C27 9 C
Anand Electroplaters India A45 9 A
* QVISION Systems LLP India A45 9 A
Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd India L16 12 L
ANDRITZ Separation and Pump Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India F24 10 F
Ankur Publishing Company India MNIL 10  
* Packaging Technology India MNIL 10  
Anshika Polysurf Limited India K09 12 K
Apex Knives Pvt Ltd India J32 11 J
Aqseptence Group India Private Limited India L24 12 L
Aqua Chill Systems India Pvt. Ltd India C63 9 C
Arab Print Media Egypt MNIL 10  
Archroma India Pvt Ltd India Q44 15 Q
Acrynova Industries (P) Ltd India Advertiser    
Atandra Energy Private Limited India J61 11 J
ATS Techno Pvt Ltd India F18 10 F
AVS Importer India B04 9 B
AXCHEM India India K30 12 K
Azimuth International India L82 12 L
Bahl Paper Mills Ltd India O11 14 O
Balaji Chem Solutions Pvt Ltd India P34 15 P
Balaji Minerals & Chemicals India J44 12 J
Bearing Corporation of India India J76 12 J
Bell Multi Kraft Pvt. Ltd. India S52 15 S
Belluga Papers Pvt Ltd India S45 15 S
Belluga Technologies Private Limited India S45 15 S
Best Engg. Works Regd. India E17 10 E
Bhagyalaxmi Industries India L03 12 L
Bharat Industrial Corporation India J76 12 J
Bhavi International Pvt Ltd India J54 12 J
Bhavna Colourants LLP India S46 15 S
Bindals Papers Mills Limited India O44 15 O
Bluecraft Agro Private Limited India N24 14 N
BNPACK Corrugated Pvt Ltd India K06 12 K
Boston Polymers India J13 11 J
Briskworld Ventures Pvt Ltd India G42 10 G
BrownFold Paper LLP India T32 15 T
Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd India L12 12 L
BTG Instrument A Voith Company India F04 10 F
Bull Machines Pvt Ltd India L77 12 L
C M Prajapati And Co India J52 12 J
C2C Paper Consultancy India G28 11 G
Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute India J08 11 J
Charu Beltings India H01 11 H
Cheema Boilers Ltd India E14 10 E
Chemical & Mineral Industries Pvt Ltd India M57 15 M
Clyde Industries India Pvt Ltd India H29 11 H
CN Automation LLP India F28 10 F
Compact Print Tech Pvt Ltd India E55 10 E
Conventus Media House AB Sweden MNIL 10  
* PulPaperNews.Com Sweden MNIL 10  
Coromandel Paper Products India J06 11 J
Crest Tools Pvt Ltd India J32 11 J
CTC Impex (India) Pvt Ltd India B02 10 C
* Bhilwara Hi-Tech Engineering India B02 10 C
D S Engineers India B01 9 B
D S Pulp & Paper Machinery Pvt. Ltd India B01 9 B
Danalakshmi Paper Mills Private Limited India T42 15 T
Danfoss Industries Pvt Ltd India E37 10 E
Dazhi Paper Machinery China G06 11 G
Deep Pneumatics Pvt Ltd India L119 12 L
Delhi Packaging India L25 12 L
Devarsh Paper Products India F30 10 F
Digital Trade Network India L129 12 L
* India L129 12 L
Diyan Papers LLP India Q30 15 Q
DPK INDIA India K29 12 K
Drip Capital Services India LLP India J46 12 J
Eastern Bearings Pvt Ltd India J10 12 J
Ecosure Pulpmolding Technologies Ltd India K26 12 K
Edicon Paper  India N54 15 N
EIBC Private Limited  India D48 10 D
eintec India E02 10 E
* Allimand France E02 10 E
* Cellwood Machinery AB Sweden E02 10 E
* Rochling Industrial Oeeping GmbH & Co KG  Austria E02 10 E
* Runtech Systems Oy  Finland E02 10 E
* Tecnomec 3 SRL Italy E02 10 E
* Teufelberger GmbH  Austria E02 10 E
* Zincometal Italy E02 10 E
eintec PMG Pvt Ltd India E02 10 E
emtec Electronic GmbH Germany J40 11 J
* Afg Analytic Gmbh Germany J40 11 J
Enmas Andritz Pvt Ltd India H14 11 H
ENP Publishing Group France MNIL 10  
* El Papel & Paper Middle East France MNIL 10  
Enviro Chemical Crafts Pvt Ltd India A52 9 A
Enviropol Engineers Pvt Ltd India J67 12 J
Envirozone Instruments & Equipments Pvt Ltd India L36 12 L
EOC Polymers India Pvt Ltd India S34 15 S
Erhardt + Leimer (India) Pvt. Ltd. India B24 9 B
Ess Emm Chemicals India G32 11 G
Essemm Specchem Pvt Ltd India G32 11 G
Excel PaperTech Engineers India B23 9 B
Exhibitors Voice Pvt. Ltd. India MNIL 10  
Exim Routes Pvt Ltd India J68 12 J
Exotron Thermal Pvt Ltd India B56 9 B
Expo Tobi Ukraine MNIL 10  
Federation of Paper Traders Association of India (FPTA) India M59 15 M
Flexibles India J60 12 J
Florogum Industries LLP India J71 11 J
Fomex Group India India L04 12 L
Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd. India L08 12 L
G & C Valves India Private Limited India D26 10 D
Galaxy Sivtek Private Limited India L15 12 L
Garuda Pumps Pvt Ltd India E24 10 E
Gemcorp Recycling & Technologies Pvt Ltd India T54 15 T
* Gemini Corporation Belgium T54 15 T
Gibraltar Airsprings Pvt Ltd India J73 11 J
Gishnu Gears  India E29 10 E
Glob Tech Process Equipment India J12 11 J
Global Engineering Corporation India D33 9 D
Global Paper Machinery & Engineering Co. India D33 9 D
Global Sleeve Solutions India L86 12 L
Greenomics Trading Pvt Ltd India Q33 15 Q
* DDT Holdings PTY Ltd Australia Q33 15 Q
Gulshan Polyols Ltd. India P44 15 P
Haber India F10 10 F
Haitek Industrial Fabrics Pvt Ltd India G14 11 G
Hardayal Engineering Works (P) Ltd India J24 11 J
Hello Media India C60 9 C
Hemaditya Impex & Shipping India L66 12 L
Hi-Tech Engineers India C24 9 C
Hydro Press Industries India L67 12 L
In Impex India N43 15 N
* Falcon Papers & Plastics USA N43 15 N
Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA) India A26 9 A
Indian Corrugated Packaging Machinery Association/ *ICPMA India L117 12 L
Indian Dyestuff & Chemicals Mfg. Co. India S32 15 S
Indian Newsprint Manufacturers Association (INMA) India Industry Lounge    
Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) India Industry Lounge    
Indian Pulp & Paper technical Associations (IPPTA) India S25 14 S
Indian Recovered Paper Traders Association India L126 12 L
Indo Air Compressors Pvt Ltd India H05 11 H
Indo Gears And Machinery (India) India L80 12 L
Indo Global Commerical Pvt Ltd India P33 15 P
Industrial Boilers Limited India I01 11 I
Institute for Industrial Development (IID) India L62 12 L
Instruments & Systems India L07 12 L
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd India J02 11 J
IPAMA India G43 10 G
IPP Catalog Publications Pvt. Ltd India L118 12 L
Ishan Paryavaran Pvt Ltd India J29 11 J
ITC Limited-PSPD  India O20 14 O
J Pack Engineers Pvt Ltd India B47 9 B
Jai Aravali Industries India P02 14 P
Jani Sales Private Limited  India P53 15 P
Jasch Industries Limited India G08 11 G
Jasmira Engineers Pvt Ltd India L100 12 L
Jindal Strings India J50 12 J
Jiuk Machinery  India J56 12 J
JK Paper Ltd India M24 14 M
JMC Paper Tech Pvt Ltd India D24 10 D
JMF Synthetics India Pvt. Ltd India L23 12 L
* Arakawa Polystron DSR India L23 12 L
Join Pack Machines Pvt. Ltd. India C64 & D50 9 C & D
Joy Pack India Pvt Ltd India I66 11 I
JSR Instruments India B46 9 B
Jupiter Electronics India J48 12 J
JV Tech industries Pvt Ltd  India H24 11 H
Jyoti Industries India T50 15 T
K R Pulp & Papers Limited India N11 14 N
K Recycling Inc India Q24 14 Q
Kadant Johnson Europe BV The Netherlands D08 10 D
* Kadant Lamort SAS France D08 10 D
* Kadant Nordic AB Sweden D08 10 D
* Kadant UK Ltd. United Kingdom D08 10 D
Kakati Karshak Industries Pvt. Ltd. India I24 11 I
Kalpataru Papers LLP India Q43 15 Q
Kasturi International Pvt Ltd India P06 14 P
KBK Plascon Pvt. Ltd. India J18 11 J
Kemcolour International India T35 15 T
Kessels Engineering Works Pvt Ltd India K03 12 K
Key West Industries Pvt Ltd India J04 11 J
Khyati Chemicals Pvt. Ltd India T40 15 T
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co.Ltd. India H35 11 H
KKT Shakti Hitech Pvt Ltd India H08 11 H
Knam Marketing Pvt Ltd India P20 14 P
Kompass India Information Pvt Ltd India MNIL 10  
Konfluid Engineers India C18 9 C
* AB KELVA Sweden C18 9 C
* Kytola Instruments Oy Finland C18 9 C
* Satron Instruments Inc Finland C18 9 C
KPL International Ltd. India P40 15 P
KPS Forge India Pvt Ltd India K34 12 K
Krofta Engineering Limited India B18 9 B
Ksb Ltd India G31 10 G
Kuantum Papers Ltd India N12 14 N
Kuber Packaging Industries Pvt Ltd India J72 11 J
Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt. Ltd. India L38 12 L
Kuubera Motions Controls Pvt Ltd India K35a 11 L
Labels Flexibles & More India MNIL 10  
Lemanza Cellulose LLP India T44 15 T
Lemit Papers LLP India N01 14 N
Line O Matic Graphic Industries India E04 10 E
Link International India J48 12 J
Litel Infrared Systems Pvt Ltd India J42 11 J
M K Process Technologies Pvt Ltd India G04 11 G
* OHP Germany G04 11 G
* ST Macchine SpA Italy G04 11 G
* Tasowheel Systems Oy Finland G04 11 G
* TIP95 d.o.o. Slovenia G04 11 G
Magic Blades Private Limited India A50 9 A
Magnum Engineers India Pvt Ltd India H24 11 H
Magnum Ventures Limited India O43 15 O
Mahajan And Company India G02 11 G
Mahaveer Group India B12 9 B
Mahendra Paper Trading Co India S20 14 S
Man Energy Solutions SE Germany J74 12 J
Manvi Plast India Pvt Ltd India A39 9 A
Mario Industries India A49 9 A
Mark Engineering Services India H40 11 H
Marko Steamjet Pvt Ltd India D46 10 D
Maruti Industries India F08 10 F
Mas Pack Limited India A53 9 A
Matz Pumps Private Limited India K57 12 K
Maxcess India Automation Pvt Ltd India L30 12 L
Maxim Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd India D25 9 D
Maxtherm (India) Private Limited India L85 12 L
Mcon and Services India K16 12 K
Mega Star Cooler India OD02 9 Outdoor
Metatech Thermal Spray Pvt. Ltd. India E54 10 E
Michelman PVT LTD  India J30 11 J
Micropack Ventures Pvt Ltd  India L13 12 L
Minerals Technologies India Pvt Ltd India N33 15 N
Minimac Systems Pvt. Ltd. India F58 10 F
Minipack India A19 & A21 9 A
Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt Ltd India T60 15 T
MLM India Ltd India N53 15 N
* Material Sources International Ltd India N53 15 N
* Mitthan Lal Marketing Ltd India N53 15 N
* MLJ Industires Ltd India N53 15 N
Moar Value India S24 14 S
Moglix India Q02 14 Q
Monga Tradex Pvt. Ltd. India S01 14 S
Monu Graphics India ICPMA-02 10 G
Multispan Control Instruments Pvt Ltd India J70 12 J
N K R Engineers Pvt Ltd India F18 10 F
Nagpal Packaging Machinery Private Limited India ICPMA-01 10 F
Naini Papers Ltd India M44 15 M
Nakshatra Process Control Industries India L20 12 L
Narsingh Dass & Co. Pvt. Ltd. India M37 15 M
Nath Screen Pvt Ltd India L20 12 L
National Engineering Industries Ltd.  India P30 14 P
Navkar International India S54 15 S
NBG Printographic Machinery Co Pvt Ltd India A01 9 A
Neles India Pvt. Ltd India A24 9 A
Nepa Ltd India T06 14 T
Nessco India India L106 12 L
NETZSCH Pumps & Systems India J03 11 J
New Tech Polychem Pvt Ltd India K49 12 K
New United Heavy Engineering India K13 12 K
Nice Imports Pvt Ltd India M54 15 M
* Canusa Hershman Recycling Company USA M54 15 M
NPT Papers Pvt. Ltd. India M34 15 M
Nuhydro Automation Products India I64 11 I
Numbers CYMK Limited/*WheretoPrint Nigeria MNIL 10  
Orbinox India Private Limited India D26 10 D
Orient Paper & Industries Ltd. India P11 14 P
P K Marketing Co India M27 14 M
P Rakesh Industries India F56 10 F
Pacific Nano Products India Pvt Ltd India Advertiser    
Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI) India MNIL 10  
PackMach Systems India J56 12 J
Packone Solutions LLP India K52  12 K
* Renova SRL Italy K52  12 K
Paper Advance Canada MNIL 10  
Paper Desk India K56 12 K
Paper Vantage Point India S28 15 S
PaperAsia Malaysia MNIL 10  
* SHP Media Sdn Bhd Malaysia MNIL 10  
Paperonweb Canada MNIL 10  
Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates India I08 11 I
Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt Ltd India E18 10 E
Parag Copigraph Private Limited India M31 15 M
Paramount Universal Pvt Ltd India Q06 14 Q
Paras Marketing India S53 15 S
Parason Machinery India Pvt Ltd India A04 9 A
Parshuram Technocrafts Pvt Ltd India L05 12 L
Pidilite Industries Limited India J14 11 J
Pinnacle Fibres Inc Canada O01 14 O
PLG Impex India S26 14 S
* PG Paper Company Ltd United Kingdom S26 14 S
Pneumech Hydro Systems India H56 11 H
PPI Pumps Pvt Ltd India D23 9 D
Prakash Web Offset Pvt Ltd India B10 9 B
Pran Nath Kapur & Sons Pvt Ltd India J41 11 J
Pratik Pulp Pvt Ltd India O12 14 O
* Ekman Recycling / K-C International USA O12 14 O
Pravesh Paper Pvt Ltd India N23 14 N
Precise Casting Pvt Ltd India E40 10 E
Prem Engineering India K36 12 K
Premier India Bearings India I03 11 I
Premier India Bearings Ltd - Multi Brand Div. India J09 11 J
Premium Transmission Pvt Ltd India B45 9 B
PRESSIdeas Publishing (P) Ltd  India MNIL 10  
Prima Equipment India L06 12 L
Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd India S50 15 S
Prompt Pulp & Fibers Pvt Ltd India S40 15 S
Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd India Associate Partner    
Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd China L105 12 L
Raj Publications India L39 12 L
* Printing Samachar India L39 12 L
Rajiv Machines Pvt Ltd India K50 12 K
Rajshree Biowares Pvt Ltd India L137 12 L
Re Equipments (India) Pvt Ltd India L95 12 L
Redix Pumps LLP India C26 9 C
* Redix Industries India C26 9 C
Regent Hitech Pvt. Ltd. India H24 11 H
Reotech Process Equipment Pvt Ltd India L02 12 L
RESISTOTECH Industries Pvt Ltd India C56 9 C
Resource Engimech India Pvt. Ltd India L34 12 L
Ripple Effect India C47 9 C
* Purafil Inc USA C47 9 C
Risansi Industries Ltd India J58 12 J
Rishabh Metals & Chemicals Pvt Ltd India M05 14 M
Rocksensor India Pvt Ltd India G44 11 G
Ronald Web Offset Pvt Ltd India H06 11 H
Roquette India Pvt Ltd India S30 15 S
Roto Pumps Ltd India E03 10 E
Ruchira Papers Ltd. India P23 14 P
S L Paper Machines LLP India B37 9 B
S​U-Tantra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. India G38 11 G
Sachin Industries Ltd India L22 12 L
Safexpress Pvt Ltd India L64 12 L
Saharanpur Testing Instruments Pvt Ltd India A48 9 A
Sahil Graphics India C10 9 C
Salem Stainless Steel Supplier Pvt Ltd India K15 12 K
Saloni Paper Machines Pvt Ltd India D10 10 D
Samadhan India L81 12 L
Sangal Papers Limited India R34 15 N
Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd India P24 14 P
Santosh Starch Products Ltd India T20 14 T
SAPEAP (Kesar Internet Company) India K32 12 K
SB Engineering India I28 11 I
Scan Machineries Pvt. Ltd. India E07 10 E
Schäferrolls Gmbh & Co Kg Germany L18 12 L
Seascope Pulp & Papers Pvt Ltd India O24 14 O
SEC-RJMT Engineering Pvt Ltd India C01 9 C
Servall Engineering  India C04 9 C
Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd India P12 14 P
Shells Machinery India G29 10 G
Shine & Glow Craft Inc India S41 15 S
Shobha Cards & Arts India T56 15 S
Shree Aadinath Trading Co. India S14 14 S
* Anand Pulp Impex Pvt Ltd India S14 14 S
* Rajdhani Impex India S14 14 S
Shree Brhm Corporation India I47 11 I
Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd India P43 15 P
Shree Rudra Lamkraft Pvt. Ltd India N02 14 N
Shree Swami Machinery India J17 11 J
Shreeji Fasteners India L86 12 L
Shri Sidhi Vinayak Engineers India L33 12 L
Sidhu Engineering Works India E38 10 E
Sigma Minerals Ltd. India T16 14 T
Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt Ltd India N34 15 N
Sinar Indah Pulp And Paper Pvt. Ltd India Silver Sponsor    
SKF India Pvt Ltd India H16 11 H
SNP Water Infra Pvt Ltd India L120 12 L
Softcon Motion Control Pvt Ltd India K35a 12 L
SPAC Starch Products India Pvt Ltd India Q54 15 Q
Spento Papers India LLP  India P54 15 P
Spraying Systems India Pvt. Ltd. India E58 10 E
SS Automation & Packaging Machines India C30 9 C
Star Industries India K33 12 K
Starcode Solutions Pvt Ltd India T41 15 T
Stark Engineering Pvt Ltd India B04 9 B
Stationery Automation Machinery Pvt Ltd India K18 12
Sudarshan Chemicals Limited India S02 14 S
Suddha Machineries and Industries Pvt Ltd India C38 9 C
Sugarnpower Projects Pvt Ltd India H38 14 H
Sun Mark Stainless Pvt Ltd India B54 9 B
Sun Papers and Labels India Q40 15 Q
SunPro Foil Pack India G45 11 G
Sunrise International India Q34 15 Q
Super Steamtech India India I45 11 I
Symbiosis Assistance Pvt. Ltd India O06 14 O
* Synergy Tradeco NV Belgium O06 14 O
Synegry System India OD01 9 Outdoor
Syno Pumps India Pvt Ltd India A46 9 A
Tamilnadu Newsprint And Papers Limited India N44 15 N
Tanvi Wire Fabric Pvt Ltd India I40 11 I
The Bharat Engineering Company  India J10 12 J
The Packman India L63 12 L
The Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) United Kingdom MNIL 10  
The Pulp and Paper Times (Kagaz Trade) India L109 12 L
Thermax Limited India B48 9 B
Thukral Steel Engineers India K36 12 K
Tirth Corporation India F30 10 F
Tirthak Paper Mill Pvt Ltd India S58 11 S
Trade Exporters Inc. India MNIL 10  
Tradecom International Pvt. Ltd. India S12 14 S
Trident Group India M12 14 M
Trinity Calcium India K04 12 K
Tulip 3P Media Pvt. Ltd (Paper Mart) India L101 12 L
Tycon Automation Pvt Ltd India D24 10 D
U P Alums Private Limited India Q23 14 Q
Uniflow Controls Pvt. Ltd. India K08 12 K
Unique Dosing Systems Pvt. Ltd India L72 12 L
Unique Machine & Systems India K55 12 K
Unisource Papers Pvt. Ltd. India S12 14 S
UNITEC Engineering Solutions India L114 12 L
Universal Bearing India India L02a 12 L
Universal Engineering Corporation India G31a 10 G
Valmet India A14 9 A
Valmet Technologies & Services Private Limited India A14 9 A
* Valmet Automation Inc, Kajaani Finland A14 9 A
* Valmet Automation Inc, Tampere Finland A14 9 A
VEEKAY Industries Pvt Ltd India I04 11 I
Venus Compressors Pvt Ltd India A47 9 A
Vertex Chem Pvt Ltd India J44 12 J
Vipul Organics Limited India T30 14 T
Vishal Paper Group of Companies India Q12 14 Q
Vizen Solutions India J28 11 J
Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd India F04 10 F
Voith Paper Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd India F04 10 F
Vrinda Automation Pvt Ltd India I16 11 I
WAGO Private Limited India J16 11 J
Waste & Recycling Middle East & Africa UAE MNIL 10  
Western Industries India L73 12 L
World of Chemicals India MNIL 10  
World Paper Forum (WPF) India L68 12 L
WorldWide Green Trading Pvt Ltd / Paper Worldwide India S43 15 S
Yash Pakka Ltd India O54 15 O
Zalani Paper Mart India S39 15 S
Zenith Rubber Pvt. Ltd. India F02 10 E
Zibo Water Ring Vacuum Pump Factory Co.,Ltd China J64 12 J
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